About Us

Having initially started out with our own large speciality food shop, with constantly changing fresh produce, we quickly realised how much we valued our relationship with certain suppliers. Business isn’t all about selling, it’s making it as easy as possible for your customers, removing any problems and making sure they’re always happy. We quickly adopted this view and our thoughts have never wavered.

We have never used a middle man, or company to source our produce, we go to the market ourselves and to the farms directly. This ensures the widest selection available and savings that can be passed to our clients. At our own shop, our exceptional quality produce and price meant that we gained a fantastic reputation and had customers queuing at the door to buy their shopping. Soon, local restaurants, cafes and pubs started enquiring about wholesale and so, our wholesale business was born!

Shop with us

We offer a wide range of fruit,  vegetable and salad boxes for all occasions, You can set up a regular delivery or order as and when you need.

We have also partnered with the best local suppliers, offering free range eggs, high welfare meat and much more.

We deliver FREE within a 10 mile radius of our base in Pratts Bottom.  

"A supplier that you can finally plan with! Only the freshest produce, always on time and hands on problem solving. Fig and Fennel provides a truly unique service as they guide you through the seasons, while giving you the best possible price and even forecasting possible price changes. They really helped us taking our business to the next level."

Aurel- Restaurant Manager.
Coton Orchard Garden Centre, Cambridge.

"Perfect produce and as fresh as it gets. Fantastic customer service. Complete all rounders, what else could you wish for?"

Matt – Head Chef.
Garden & Home East Bridgford. Nottingham
Blue Diamond’s Flagship store.