Frequently Asked Questions

What is your background?

Our family business was established in 2006. We initially started with our own speciality food shop, with a huge array of fruit and veg. We were soon asked if we supply to wholesalers and we’ve now been doing that for many years. Our fruit and veg scheme came about very naturally. From a few family, friends and wholesale customers wanting individual boxes for their own use at Christmas, we held a small trial and it was so popular, that we decided to roll it out across the year. The rest is history!

Where is the produce from?

We work with the seasons and try to support as many local farms as possible. All our produce is from the UK, when in season. Eating produce that’s in season means you enjoy the fruit and veg at its absolute best, as well as getting the most for your money.

Is it value for money?

Absolutely! We’ve never used a middleman, or company to source our produce. We go to the market ourselves and the farms directly. This ensures the widest selection available and savings that can be passed on to our customers. It’s a little luxury without the price tag!

How fresh is the fruit and veg?

It couldn’t get much fresher. We buy the produce only a few hours before you receive your box. It means it tastes amazing, and the produce really lasts!

Is the produce organic?

We have tried organic produce many times over the years, both in the shop and with our wholesale customers but unfortunately, it hasn’t been popular. Largely, it’s a lot more expensive, the quality isn’t always a good and produce isn’t consistently available. Our previous experience has found that our customers want exceptional quality produce, at a good price. We’ve therefore decided to stick to what we know works. Saying that, we do buy organic when we can but that’s not general across the board.

I've ordered a box, what will be in it?

The contents of the boxes vary from week to week as we work with the seasons. We produce a booklet each season, informing you of what to expect in your boxes. We ask customers to keep us updated with any produce you don’t like and we’ll be sure to omit these from your boxes. They’re YOUR boxes and we want you to love them.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver within a 10 mile radius of our base. Norsted Manor Farm, Pratts Bottom, Orpington. Delivery is always free.

When will I get my delivery?

You can choose your delivery date in the checkout process. We deliver to many areas 6 days a week. Those that are further away have specific days.

What if I’m not in when you deliver?

No problem! Just let us know a safe place we can leave your box. We’ll protect it with a recyclable bag and put a compliment slip through your door.

Can I send a box to a friend?

Yes of course, as long as the address is within our delivery area. There’s an option for this at the checkout.

Am I tied in?

Absolutely not! Although many of our customers have regular boxes, we always welcome adhoc orders. Even if you do subscribe to a weekly or fortnightly box, you can skip a week, change the type or cancel whenever you like. We’re very flexible.

How ‘green’ is it to buy this way?

The produce is delivered in cardboard boxes, which can be recycled or given back to us the following week. We also use as little packaging as possible, so the majority of your fruit and veg will be loose. Small or easily bruised items are put in paper bags.

We buy local as far as possible, not only supporting local farmers but keeping the carbon footprint of your produce as low as possible. 

What if I receive something that I don’t know how to use?

We produce seasonal booklets to let you know what to expect in your boxes, but also to help with identifying items, and giving you prep tips and cooking suggestions for the more unusual items.

Failing that, we’re always on hand via phone or email to answer any questions. You’d be hard pressed to find something we can’t identify!