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Free-range British Pork Joint

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All of our Free Range pork is reared in Essex and fed on a diet of apple mulsh and grain. The are allowed to roam in an orchard based on the farm.

  • Medium pork loin bone in joint (900g-1.2kg)
  • Large pork loin bone in joint (1.9-2.2kg)
  • Medium pork loin boneless joint (900g-1.2kg)
  • Large pork loin boneless joint (1.9-2.2kg)
  • Medium pork neck joint (900g-1.2kg)
  • Large pork neck joint large (1.9-2.2kg)

£10.99£19.99 available on subscription

Free range.

Choose from: bone-in, boneless or neck joint



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